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File a Complaint Regarding Physical Accommodations

The Division of Human Resource Management's Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO) coordinates the State's various ADA programs and resources, ensuring employees and citizens are referred to the right person. ADA is considered to be the first lawful affirmation for equal treatment of Americans with mental and physical disabilities, the ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, education and other areas of society.

Citizens with concerns regarding ADA issues related to government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and other areas can find various resources through the Department of Transportation or the Department of Administration's Public Works Division. Citizens who would like to file a complaint can do so by following the Department of Transportation or Public Works Division links or by submitting our online form and the EEO office will forward your complaint to the proper Agency for review.

Employees with concerns regarding ADA issues should contact their Agency Human Resource or Personnel representative, or can file a complaint online through NEATS, or by completing the Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Complaint form and forwarding the document to our office. Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Complaint form.

You must click the Submit button at the bottom to record your complaint. All complaints will be reviewed, recorded and then forwarded to the organization, institution or the business the complaint is against.

For information on the State of Nevada ADA Compliance please contact:

Tammy Smith – EEO Officer 100 North Stewart Street, Suite 200 Carson City, NV 89701 Phone: (775)-684-0104

Amy Taylor EEO Administrator (702) 486-5725

Your Contact Information:

Who is being discriminated against?

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Address of organization, Institution, Business who is discriminating

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Primary type of indecent:
Has efforts been made to resolve this complaint through the internal grievance procedures of the government, organization institution or business?
Has the complaint been filed with any other Federal, State, or local civil rights agency or courts?

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